Dielmann-Kaiser House

The Kaiser Family


The Kaiser family once occupied the three-story Victorian-style building, now known as the Dielmann-Kaiser House.


According to St. Louis city records, the original structure was built in 1883, just inside the St. Louis City limits at Keokuk. An addition to the house was built at the turn of the 19th century.


The Kaiser House was a wedding present to Antoinette T. Kaiser. It was built by her father, Eugene Amor, who came to the United States from France. Her mother, Elizabeth Amor, immigrated from Germany and was married to Eugene in 1863. The Amor family lived next door in the rock house at 3835 South Broadway.


Antoinette married Felix Kaiser, who was employed as a bookkeeper for the railroads at the Saint Louis Union Station. They enjoyed entertaining guests with lavish parties with live entertainment.


Dielmann purchased the property from a church in the 1970s and began the extensive restoration. His vision was to provide a living example of the lifestyle of a typical working class family during the Victorian era in St. Louis.


He has spent years researching and documenting the history of the Kaiser family. Dielmann has also collected many of the original household furnishings, clothes and even toys once enjoyed by their children.


The Dielmann-Kasier House was once featured on the annual Holiday Parlour tour along with the Campbell House, Tower Grove House and the DeMenil House.

Portrait of three generation of the women in the Kaiser family.

Antoinette T. Kaiser

View looking north from Keokuk Street of the thriving business district along South Broadway with horse-drawn streetcars and buggies. The Kaiser house, featuring a billboard for a dry goods store painted on the south brick wall, can be seen on the left side of the photo, circa 1890s. Image courtesy Missouri History Museum



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